About Public Speaking for Introverts

This site arose out of several ideas:

  • Introverts, if they can overcome or manage the fear of public speaking, can be excellent speakers and also experience great personal growth from the experience.
  • Most advice and training on public speaking and presenting is given by extroverts – people with backgrounds in theatre, media and the like.
  • The best advice for introverts may sometimes come from other introverts – they can truly empathise with and understand other introverts.
  • We can ignite a conversation around the world in which introverts can share and gain knowledge and encouragement from other introverts.

But most of all, it arose out of the idea that if someone as shy and introverted as I started out could come to enjoy public speaking, then ANYONE can overcome their nervousness and fear of public speaking.  See My Story if you are interested.

You can overcome your fear of Public Speaking

The site aims to be a resource to help others to grow and overcome their fears in the same way that tips and stories from other people have helped me over the years.

Of course, no-one is either wholly introverted or wholly extroverted.  We are located on a spectrum.  There is also debate about the distinction between introversion and shyness and other distinctions.  I don’t seek to enter into discussions about those distinctions.  You might have noticed that the Home page simply refers to ‘quiet’ people, in which I include those for whom speaking in front of an audience is not your natural place to be.  You know who you are!

Practical Public Speaking ideas and experiences

The object is to provide a medium for the exchange of practical ideas and experiences to help those at the quieter end of the spectrum to experience the enjoyment and growth that comes from overcoming the fear of public speaking.

The object is NOT to suggest that introverts should become extroverts.  It is important to be at peace with who you are; introverts are neither inferior nor superior to extroverts. However, it would also be sad to go through life not doing things you could find immensely satisfying and that would contribute to your personal and professional growth because of fear.

But beware: once you step out of your comfort zone and enjoy some success in your speaking, like any form of performance, it can be addictive!

Ideas and Stories on Public Speaking for Introverts

You will find tips on public speaking at the Advice tab and more detail at Join the Conversation!  Not all the material is directed only to introverts – hopefully, it will be useful to speakers wherever they are located on the introvert to extrovert spectrum.

Other content is most welcome.  The Join the Conversation! tab provides an opportunity for the ongoing exchange of comments, tips and stories.  Please send you stories and comments; they are bound to strike a chord with someone and, who knows, writing about your experiences might be beneficial in itself.

Or if you would like to be interviewed (in person or by telephone or Skype) about  your experiences, we would love to publish your story, anonymously if you prefer.


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About the Artwork

botanical3SmallThe drawings of botanical images on this site were produced by Jessica Olding of Brisbane, Australia using resources available to everyone: simple, coloured pencils.  The images of Australian eucalypts denote growth and resilience triumphing in Australia’s challenging conditions, as well as the artist’s own journey, forgoing security in pursuit of personal and creative growth. Photography by andrewteakle.com.