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Managing nerves at job interviews and presentations

Today I had the privilege of coaching another accomplished musician and actor who has no difficulty singing to an audience of hundreds, but suffers dreadful anxiety when speaking in public. I put together a quick list of some of my favourite tips and ideas. Although...

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A Tale of Two Colins

This is a story of two Colins. The first, I’ll call Colin Rhys. The second, I’ll call Colin Jones. Colin Rhys, a self-described “big introvert”, is a special-needs teacher. He prefers to work alone or one-on-one. He suffers terrible anxiety when his work requires him...

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For your next conference dinner or event . . .

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing my friend, and inspirational teacher and singer, Colin Rhys-Jones, about public speaking for introverts and performance anxiety in different contexts. More to follow on that in another post. In the meantime, if you are...

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Audience participation  – ideas?

Audience participation – ideas?

In my workshop on Public Speaking/Presenting for Introverts, I pass around a hat or small bucket containing laminated cards. Each card has a question or comment on it relating to public speaking. Some are straightforward, others a little quirky. The cards are selected...

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Speaking through an Interpreter

Speaking through an Interpreter

Recently, I had the privilege of presenting for several hours, through an interpreter, to high-ranking officials in the Chinese revenue service. I am pleased to say that I had the benefit of a very skilled interpreter – Barbara Grieve, Chief Executive of AXCEN...

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Tips for taming your nerves

Visualisation Make your visualisation specific. Some people visualise audience members coming up after a presentation and complimenting them on a great presentation. The Voice Business voice coach, Juliet Jordan, advised me that clients find one of the most powerful...

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