Preparation – Visualisaton

There is a growing body of scientific material supporting the idea that visualisation has a measurable, concrete impact upon our physiology. Some reports indicate that the brains of athletes who visualise an important race or other event respond in similar ways to the responses gauged from the actual running of the event.

But whether you believe in the science or not, the simple point is: if you think it works, it works.

Here are some tips for visualising a successful presentation:

• Watch your self talk.

Say to yourself, “I can do this”; “This will be great”.

The Voice Business voice coach Juliet Jordan reports that clients find one of the most powerful steps they can take is to say to themselves, as they are about to present, “they like me”.

• Picture audience members coming up and complimenting you after your presentation.

Be specific about this: “That was great thanks Robert!” “Thanks for that, very helpful.” Or better still: “That was a really engaging presentation. Thank you!” or “I just wanted to say thank you, that was one of the best presentations I have been to.”

• If projecting your voice is an issue for you, try imagining that your audience is behind you in the next room.

This is another tip from The Voice Coach’s Juliet Jordan. Try building on this by, as Being in Voice’s Flloyd Kennedy suggests, imagining yourself drawing in the audience.

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